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At Y.O.U.T.H., Inc., our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for the holistic development of youth in northern Jefferson County. We strive to address the physical, mental, and educational needs of young people in our community through a range of services. We offer programs that focus on fostering personal and social development, academic achievement, and career readiness by meeting physical, mental, and educational needs, including tutoring and mentoring, job readiness training, and mental health services. This will be achieved through partnerships with individuals, the community, churches, other youth and non-profit organizations, schools and colleges, governments (local, state and federal), social services agencies, law enforcement agencies, businesses and corporations, healthcare facilities and anyone else necessary to make it happen.  Our team of dedicated professionals and volunteers work together to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Making A Difference



The mission of Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. is to positively impact the lives of youth and their families in northern Jefferson County, Arkansas through mentoring, outreach, education, development, training, and recreation.


Our vision is to provide a positive, safe and nurturing environment that will attract and impact youth in the local and surrounding communities through entertainment, but primarily through other fun and exciting activities that promote and support educational and learning opportunities, healthy lifestyles, positive self-worth and self-image, and overall well-being.

Our guiding principles are vital to the success of this program.  They include commitment, positive environment, safety, relationship, authenticity, development and discovery.

  • Commitment:  Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will intentionally help to inspire transformation in every area of our youth’s lives./

  • Positive Environment:  From food and music to the interior design to the attitudes of the staff, Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will create a positive environment that will foster a sense of safety and security.

  • Safety:  Youth and their parents can be assured that Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will provide a safe, secure environment  that is free from drugs, alcohol, sexual activity and violence.

  • Relationship:  Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will empower youth to establish and develop new friendships and connections.

  • Authenticity:  Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will provide an atmosphere that allows youth to be comfortable and free to share their experiences and challenges with other youth without fear of judgment or reprisal.   

  • Development:  Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. adult and youth leaders will help youth develop and build character and integrity, centered in faith and values, while fostering a love for learning and .personal development.

  • Discovery:  Y.O.U.T.H., Inc. will actively assist youth on the journey of discovering the truth of who they really are and have the ability to become. 


Reinforcing our commitment through:

  • Physical Well-being: Sports activities, fitness programs, and nutrition classes.

  • Mental Well-being: Counseling, workshops, and mental health resources.

  • Education: Tutoring, skill development classes, and educational resources.

  • Recreation: Arts, music, and cultural activities.

  • Preschool and After-school Club: Kairos Kid Care and The Joynt will provide educational programs and recreational activities in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment for youth ages 4-18.

  • Community Involvement: Service projects and volunteer activities.

  • Transportation: Safe and reliable transportation for participants to access the center.

Youth Basketball Game

Y.O.U.T.H. in the Community

We had the awesome opportunity to partner with Dollarway Schools in Pine Bluff, AR to help facilitate the success of the 1000+ students they serve in Altheimer, Wabbaseka, Sherrill, Tucker and the neighboring rural communities in northern Jefferson County. We teamed with the social workers at James Matthews Elementary School, Robert F. Morehead Middle School and Dollarway High School to align with their mission to graduate the whole child by assisting in meeting the academic, as well as physical, social and emotional needs of our students throughout the entire year. This past year, we partnered with the Town of Wabbaseka for their Community Christmas Dinner. We were able to provide 70 Dollar Tree gift cards to the youth and other residents in the community. We also assisted with graphic design, gift-wrapping and decorating. We are honored, and are always grateful for the opportunity to serve.

At Y.O.U.T.H., Inc., we believe that every young person has the potential

to make a difference in their community and the world. 

We are committed to providing young people with comprehensive resources, support, and the opportunities they need to realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

We believe that by holistically investing in our youth,

we are investing in a better future for all of us.

Jennifer M. Moore, CEO & Founder


PO Box 1
Wabbaseka, AR  72175-0001


Thank You for contacting Y.O.U.T.H., Inc.

We appreciate your continued support!

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